About Us

Our History

Groffdale Concrete Walls, Inc. was originally started as a family-run project to pour a wall we needed on our own farm in the 1970s. We had enough forms to pour just ten yard of concrete at the time – and only a horse-pulled wagon to transport the forms. After that first project, word got around to the surrounding community about what we could do, and the family project turned into a family business.

Our business incorporated in 1979, and is now in its third generation. Now, almost 40 years later, Groffdale Concrete Walls, Inc. has completed a wide variety of jobs across the eastern United States.

Our Values

  • We complete our work accurately, professionally, and efficiently
  • We build personal relationships with our clients
  • We strive to be punctual and to complete jobs within a given budget
  • We promote excellent communication between employees and customers
  • We believe in the importance of safety and the ongoing development of our team of quality employees